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Why do car insurers turn down applicants?

Has your application for car insurance been turned down? Has your current insurer refused to renew your policy? Then we can help.

Thousands of motorists find their applications declined automatically. This is because most insurance companies rely on computers rather than experienced insurance people when deciding whether or not to accept someone as a client. The problem is that once you have been denied insurance it is very unlikely that another mainstream company will accept you onto it's books. They all ask: 'have you ever had insurance declined or cancelled?' and if your answer is 'yes' then a turndown is almost inevitable because the 'computer says no'. This is why you need to contact a specialist in finding cheap car insurance for people who have been refused elsewhere, or quoted very high premiums.

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Can an insurer refuse to cover me?

They are allowed a lot of discretion in deciding whether or not to issue a policy to any particular person. An exception to this is that they cannot turn down someone because of a disability; provided that the disabled person has informed the DVLA, and a licence has still been granted. A refusal for that cause alone would be unlawful. However, if their statistics indicated that the applicant's condition produced a significantly greater risk of a claim then they could demand a higher premium.

Apart from that, they can pretty well pick and choose who they want as a customer, and are free to decide for themselves how much they will charge each driver.

Why have I been denied insurance?

Insurers do a check on every applicant. Some people get turned down because, although they themselves are safe drivers, they live in a postcode with a very high accident record. It could be because you made an application in the past but had forgotten about a minor bump you had almost 5 years previously. Your claims record may be fairly high, or you may have had either motoring or criminal convictions. You may have had a 'black box' fitted in the past, which showed that someone driving your car – not necessarily you – exceeded a speed limit or had to brake sharply more times than their very strict terms and conditions allowed. Then again it may even just be a simple clerical error.

You could click this link for more information on why you could be refused insurance.

Why am I not allowed to pay monthly for my car insurance?

If you get a monthly paid policy the company is, in effect, granting you a loan. They will probably carry out credit checks not only on yourself but on other people in the postcode that you live in. If they find a record of non-payment, or other credit issues,then they will be reluctant to allow the application to proceed.

Do I have to tell an insurer about every little bump I have had?

Yes. You need to be completely upfront when you fill in an application form. If you fail to give the companies all the information that they are asking for, or you make a statement that is not correct, they will have grounds for cancelling your policy or, at best, demanding an additional premium. If they do in fact cancel the policy your chances of getting cover elsewhere will be severely reduced.

They will find out about it eventually anyway. Insurers share databases which hold information about practically every driver in Britain so they know far more about you than you think they do!

How can I get insurance when I have already been turned down?

Most insurance companies use statistics to work out whether or not to insure people, and what premiums to charge, because this way the system can be automated. No human being ever actually talks to their prospective clients before a policy is issued. There are other companies however who are more prepared to treat their customers as human beings and discuss any problems that they have had in the past. Some of these companies can offer very favourable terms even to those who have been refused elsewhere. To contact these insurers you would need to go through a broker who specialises in finding cheap quotes for motorists who are considered high risk.

If you are having problems getting a quote for your car insurance, you need to speak to a friendly, highly experienced broker who can treat you like an individual and contact insurers directly on your behalf. We have many sources to approach for the best and cheapest policy that fits your own individual needs, if you have one of the following problems (or any other!) -