Refused Car Insurance?

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  • Turned down by an insurer?
  • Need to talk to someone?
  • Not sure how to proceed?

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Has your current insurer told you that your policy will not be renewed?

Your car insurance is coming up for renewal. You have had no claims, no convictions. You haven't moved house, changed your job or bought a different car. However you get a message from your current insurer telling you that they will not be offering you a renewal quote. What do you do?

Like most people you go straight to a price comparison site and you are asked a question like:

Have you or any drivers ever had insurance declined, cancelled or special terms imposed?

This puts you in a difficult position. You have no idea why your current insurer declined to offer you a renewal but you know that if you answer 'yes' to the question the majority of insurers on the price comparison site will either decline to give you a quote, or offer a very expensive one. You are pretty certain that you have done nothing wrong but you realise that if you do say 'no' and your new insurer finds out that you gave a wrong answer you could face a refused claim, a cancelled policy and mega problems finding insurance in the future.

You go on forums and ask what you should do but you get conflicting advice. You remember that most of the people on these sites may be experienced motorists but they are not lawyers! Even price comparison sites won't commit themselves on whether or not you need to disclose this.

Do you need to inform future insurers or not?

It is debatable whether or not the fact that you have not been offered a quote means that you have had insurance declined, and have to declare it. The fact that you have not been offered a renewal could be because the insurer; or the insurers on the broker's panel; no longer want to attract business from people in the same job as you, in your postcode, with your particular car, in your age range, or for any other general reason not connected with you personally. Or they may simply be winding down before leaving the car insurance market. None of these are your fault but they are all factors that a future insurer may want to know about, so can you be certain that you don't have to tell them?

So what do you do?

You could talk to the insurer, and explain your situation.

To do this; click on the link and compare quote. When asked if you have ever had insurance declined, say 'no'. When you get your quotes select the insurer you would like to deal with and click on the 'More Info' button. In most cases there will be a 'Call Provider' button; if there isn't move on to the next one. After all would you really want to deal with an insurer you couldn't contact?

You then have a chance to explain your situation to the customer services representative. Give this person as much information as possible. If you are indeed a good risk they will want your business.

It is absolutely essential that you do explain the situation to the insurer before buying a policy since failing to do so might cause you considerable problems. Insurers do carry out regular checks on their customers and if there is a valid reason why your renewal was turned down they will probably find out very soon.

If you do go ahead and buy the policy ask for written confirmation that you have been upfront about the renewal refusal and then you will be in the clear.

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