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Are you looking for cheap hire and reward insurance, for carrying goods? Then why not fill in one short form, then a whole panel of top brokers will be invited to find you affordable quotes!

Do you carry goods, or other people, in your car, van or other vehicle?

Then you will need hire and reward insurance. If at any time you carry people, or other people's goods, and get paid for it, you need to have this type of cover, otherwise your existing insurance policy can be null and void.

Is courier insurance the same as hire and reward insurance?

Not quite. Courier insurance is a form of hire and reward insurance (H&W) which covers people who normally make multiple deliveries in a single day. Other forms of H&W are taxi insurance which can cover you for transporting people rather than goods, and haulage insurance which covers you for delivering complete loads to single destinations. Sometimes these overlap!

This doesn't apply to people who car share. If you accept a share of expenses on a long journey, or a friend pays for the petrol on a day out, then that is a different matter. What makes the difference is whether or not you actually profit by the transaction.

Neither, for instance, would you need it if you were a builder carrying your own tools and materials, or a mobile hairdresser taking your own equipment to other people's houses, but you would still need a class of insurance called "carriage of own goods"!

However if you are driver making deliveries to multiple destinations, even if it is only to deliver pizzas from your scooter, or a courier carrying small parcels or other items, then you need a courier insurance policy.

Does a H&W policy for delivering furniture also cover me for carrying food?

No, an insurer will want to know what type of goods will be carried, since they all carry different risk profiles. Don't worry about this though - the brokers will make sure you get the right policy!

This sounds complicated!

Yes it can be. Don't worry though, the insurers you are referred to will be able to offer you the right policy! This is why expert, qualified advice is so essential.

Each policy is an individual one, because we are all different. The premium will depend upon such factors as whether you carry people or goods; if goods just what they are; your experience; and your vehicle.

If you need taxi insurance, then you will need to have obtained a taxi licence before a policy can be issued. There is a difference between public and private hire policies; the public policy is for drivers that can be hailed in the street, and the private hire policies are for those who can only take on pre-booked assignments.

What happens if I deliver goods but don't have hire and reward insurance?

If you are being paid to deliver anything in your vehicle, from a single pizza to a full bathroom suite, you will be uninsured without having H&W cover. You face having your vehicle impounded and being charged with driving without insurance, which is a serious offence with severe repercussions. This happened to about 70,000 motorists in Britain last year.

How do I get the lowest cost cover?

To get the best price you could fill in the short proposal form. Experienced insurance providers on the panel will then look for quotes on your behalf and put together a policy that suits your unique needs.

Will these insurance providers charge me a fee?

Just like the people who run price comparison sites, brokers and other insurance providers get a commission from the underwriters for every policy they introduce, so in the vast majority of cases they don't charge any extras for not only finding you competitive quotes, but also making sure that the policies are right for you.

They are all fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority who insist on them following the highest standards in putting the interests of their clients first, so why not get quotes right away!

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You will need courier insurance if you deliver any of these products:

booksbread and cakescashcleaning productsflowersfruit and vegetablesfuelgiftsleafletsplant and equipmentscrap metalsports goodsfast foodparcels