Hire And Reward Insurance

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Do you carry goods, or other people, in your car?

It isn't just taxi drivers who need hire and reward insurance. If at any time you carry people, or other people's goods, and get paid for it, you need to have this type of cover, otherwise your existing insurance policy can be null and void.

This doesn't apply to people who car share. If you accept a share of expenses on a long journey, or pay for a friend's petrol on a day out, then that is a different matter. What makes the difference is whether or not you actually profit by the transaction.

Neither, for instance, would you need it if you were a builder carrying your own tools and materials, or a mobile hairdresser taking your own equipment to other people's houses.

However if you are a delivery driver, even if it is only to deliver pizzas from your scooter, or a courier carrying small items for someone else, then you need this type of insurance policy.

Each policy is an individual one, because we are all different. The premium will depend upon such factors as whether you carry people or goods; if goods just what they are; your experience; and your vehicle.

If you need taxi insurance, then you will need to have obtained a taxi licence before a policy can be issued. There is a difference between public and private hire policies; the public policy is for drivers that can be hailed in the street, and the private hire policies are for those who can only take on pre-booked assignments.

If you only carry goods, and not people, you may also wish to take out Goods in Transit Insurance; this could protect you against claims if you are to have an accident, or some other mishap was to occur, and the goods that you were carrying became lost or damaged.

To get the best price you would need to chat to an experienced specialist broker who could pass your details on to suitable insurance companies, and help you choose the best quotation.