Classic Car Insurance

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Classic Car insurance is different!

Are you having problems getting insurance for your classic car?

Most of the larger insurers prefer to deal with the mass-market; cars which are fairly modern, used for social, commuting or business purposes and driven by their owners as personal transport. Classic, and vintage, cars fall into an entirely different category. Because they are different you are likely to be refused a quote to insure them from a price comparison site or a main stream insurance company.

You may also wish to enter your car in rallies or other competitive sports, which is normally excluded from standard car insurance policies. You may also have had it modified at some time, and this is something which an insurer would want to know about before they offer a quotation.

They can be surprisingly cheap to insure, however, once you have found the right company. It is likely that the car will be cherished by it's owner; and it will probably only cover a low mileage, being driven out from time to time to a car show, them back home. It will usually be kept in a garage, rather than be sat by the roadside or on a driveway.

However these cars can sometimes be extremely valuable. As such they can be a target for professional thieves.

Their very value can also be an issue. Insurance companies like to pay out on a like-for-like basis. In other words, in the event of a total loss they would be inclined to give you the price of an old car. It could be that the value of your car is quite substantial because of it's rarity, but setting and agreeing this value is a lot different than valuing a modern car which will invariably have a fixed book value depending upon it's age, mileage and condition.

It is vital therefore that before you buy an insurance policy for your treasure you agree with the insurer just what the value of the car is. Whilst you may find an insurer through a car enthusiast's club you may get a much better quotation, as well as useful advice, from a specialist broker.