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Can you be refused car insurance because of your job?

It is rare for every insurer to refuse to insure people with a particular job completely but it does happen. More common however is an application refused because of a combination of factors. For instance, someone living in a postcode with a high incidence of insurance fraud, car theft or accident claims may find it difficult and expensive to get cover, but not impossible. If that person also has an occupation that the insurers consider to be risky, though, that can tilt the balance resulting in a complete rejection.

Have you a high (insurance) risk job?

We all know that insurers take our occupations into account when working out a premium, or deciding whether or not they really want particular motorists as clients. There are some occupations, however, that present risks that some insurers find completely unacceptable.

Much of this is down to the lifestyle of the motorists concerned. Someone who regularly drives very expensive cars; has a very active nightlife; who may be tempted to drink a little before driving; who could earn a great deal of money; or could have passengers who also are worth a great deal of money can present insurers with potentially enormous claims in the event of an accident.

Let us consider, for instance, a sports man or woman who negligently cause an accident which results in injury to one or more passengers in the car. If these are also making their living in competitive sport they may be unable to follow their profession for some time, or may even have to give it up completely. Their compensation claim would not be small.

Let us also look at people in the entertainment industry. Much of their work will be at night, which is a far more risky time to be driving than during daylight. They may be surrounded by alcoholic temptations whilst at work. The nature of their work can be extremely tiring, meaning that they would be driving back home from their venue afterwards during the riskiest part of the day, and perhaps not in the best of conditions. The risk of an accident rises considerably. They may be highly paid, and again may carry passengers in a similar financial bracket, meaning much higher claims as well as a higher risk factor.

And we still haven't even considered people like racing drivers, or the organisers of races, who habitually drive cars to their very limit!

However, just because someone plays football, drives a rally car, or plays a violin in a popular orchestra does not necessarily mean that this person is necessarily a high risk motorist. Unfortunately, though, most insurance companies will still consider this person to be of a high, and perhaps an acceptable, risk. In these circumstances a specialist broker may be of great help in getting a realistic car insurance quotation, or even any quote at all.