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Parking in a blacklisted postcode

Have you been turned down for car insurance, or received excessively expensive quotations, because of where you park your car during the day? Then there will be a good reason for it. The postcode of the area you park in will have been blacklisted by one or more insurance companies.

This is not something they do lightly. Some areas however suffer from an exceptionally high level of claims owing to theft, vandalism and accidents. This means if your car is parked in one of these areas there is a much greater risk that when you return to it you will find it broken into, damaged, vandalised or stolen.

There is little you can do about this except find somewhere else to park; which may be difficult if you have to commute to a certain area for your job. However it may be possible to find some secure parking nearby. If this is the case then you could contact the insurer, explain the situation and they may change their mind.

It is of course in your own interests to do this, apart from the fact that it would please your insurance company! No one wants their car damaged. Apart from the financial loss it could cause considerable stress and inconvenience, too, as well as constant worry.

One important factor to stress is that it is absolutely vital that you are completely honest with your insurer. Claiming that you have secure daytime parking, if this is not correct, could not only lead to the refusal of a claim but could be viewed as fraud as well. This is a criminal matter which could result in prosecution, and would almost certainly cause you problems in the future when applying for insurance, since insurance companies almost invariably share data like this amongst themselves.