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Want to deliver fast food? Looking for an insurance bargain?

You are planning to deliver hot food either full or part time using a car, a scooter or a motorbike. However the cost of the insurance is a problem.

Rather than letting a single insurance broker get you a quote, wouldn't it be better to ask a whole panel of specialists to look for some for you, so that you can compare them?

What kind of policy can I get that allows hot food delivery?

There is a choice of either:

  • Asking your current insurer (if you have one) to add food delivery to your policy.
  • A 'top-up' policy that covers you only when you are actually working as a food delivery driver; or
  • A new policy entirely, which covers you for both food deliveries and normal 'social domestic and pleasure' risks.

Pros and cons

Asking your current insurer to add it to your policy may sound ideal. However don't be too disappointed if they turn you down, as most are doing at present.

Buying a top-up policy may seem like an easy answer but any existing insurer you have may not like it; after all their policies usually specifically forbid the policyholder from carrying goods that he or she doesn't actually own, or which are for sale, at any time. This could mean the whole policy being declared invalid, even when the vehicle was not being used for deliveries. It is therefore essential to tell any current insurer that you are thinking of buying a policy like this and see if they have any objections. Most will have.

A new policy entirely would be the ideal. It would mean cancelling any existing one but in most cases you should get a partial rebate - and a good broker may be able to negotiate a better one.

Can I pay monthly, or get a 'pay as you go' deal?

Both these options may be available, depending on how the insurers view the risk, but bear in mind that they will cut down the number of quotes you would get, and may cost a lot more in the long run than buying a yearly policy.

How does your quote system work?

You fill in a few details about what you are looking for and send it off. Depending upon your answers, brokers who are able to provide you with competitive quotes will send them to you to compare.

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