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Can I still get cheap car insurance even though I have had convictions?

Although convictions usually result in higher premiums there are still ways in which these may be reduced, and there are insurers that still provide affordable quotes to drivers with motoring or criminal convictions.

However: most car insurance is sold online now, which many insurers prefer because everything can be automated. They can't automatically calculate premiums for those with convictions though, because they vary so much in severity. This is why they often offer very expensive premiums, if they offer any at all.

There are many reasons why motorists could have picked up convictions, sometimes through no real fault of their own. However working out a premium for these individuals means a real human has to be involved, and this is where specialist brokers come in.

Can we still buy car insurance through a broker?

Yes, why not? It is the way we did it for decades, and hundreds of billions of pounds worth of all kinds of insurance are arranged this way every year.

Can I still get insured if I have a drink drive conviction?

Yes, provided that your driving ban is completed and you have your licence back a good broker should still be able to look for a policy at an affordable price. It would cost more than before the conviction of course, but if you keep a clean driving record from now on it should reduce, in real terms, in the future.

Can I get car insurance despite criminal convictions?

Again; yes of course. There are approximately eleven million people in the UK with criminal convictions, and it has been estimated that one in three men have a criminal record, with the overwhelming majority getting theirs before the age of thirty. Most insurers with automated quote and buy systems shy away from them but helping these motorists is routine work for specialist brokers.

Can I buy convicted driver insurance online?

Sometimes you can, depending on the type of offence, or offences, you were convicted of. If you prefer this route please click here for online quotes. However you would almost certainly get quotations from far fewer insurers than if you had a conviction free record, and you may well find it much cheaper if you chat with a trained and experienced advisor over the phone.

Ready to get some quotes now? During office hours you can ring Alternative propositions Limited on ☎ 0161 495 6127 or outside these hours you could fill in a Prudent Plus Limited convicted driver enquiry form and someone will get back to you with quotes.

Remember that whichever choice you make the people you deal with will be friendly and sympathetic, and, just as importantly, will be fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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